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Keep A Track of Everything With MYTRACKINGDEVICES™


High Quality, Military Grade & Reliable Technology
with WiFi & Assisted GPS Positioning.

Realtime Tracking

Reporting intervals can be set to have the device report its realtime location from every 5 seconds to once very 24 hours.


Embedded IoT SIM card is pre-activated with connectivity for over 200 countries with no roaming cost.​


Uses GPS, GLONASS and Galileo along with GSM Cell location for assisted GPS (AGPS). WIFI sensors provide highly accurate indoor positioning.


Can be used for GPS package tracking, asset tracking, personal tracking and other tracking needs when security and asset visibility are paramount.


Always Know Your Device Location


Every MyTrackerPlus™ device includes a pre-installed SIM card that also extends into the rest of the world without any extra charge so you can quickly locate your assets in real-time GPS tracking using worldwide cellular networks and Google Maps.

designed to track almost anything you want!

Small enough to place into many types of high value assets, shipments or even worn on a belt or in a pocket, MyTrackerPlus™ is the most multifunctional GPS tracker available to businesses and consumers.

Less than half the size of an iPhone

The MyTrackerPlus™ is less than 1″ deep, just over 2.5″ in length and 1.6″ wide. It’s small enough to get lost but with its powerful tracking technology you’ll soon find it again!

Know where it goes – when it moves!

The MyTrackerPlus™ comes equipped with motion-activated tracking capabilities. 

This will alert you once the device is moved via the MYTRACKINGDEVICES™ APP, text message and audio and warning sirens on the MYTRACKINGDEVICES™ GPS dashboard.

Keep Track Of What You Care About

track high value items, objects and assets

Monitor the usage of your car, truck or your fleet of business vehicles. 

Give the MyTrackerPlus™ device to a worker or vulnerable member of your family and see where they are and respond if they enter difficulty. 

Insert the MyTrackerPlus™ device into packages containing your valuable items to know they leave and arrive at their destination and track their route.

Attach to high value assets permanently or temporarily to monitor their location in realtime and be alerted on movement or if they leave a designated area.

30 Days To Try Risk Free

Including 1 month unlimited free tracking service

Try a MyTrackerPlus™ device and MyTrackingDevices software risk free for 30 days! If you don’t love it, we’ll give you a full refund on the purchase price.

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